Reconstruction-Small Group

I have been going to a new church for actually 5 years now. I enjoyed the first two small groups I was in mainly because we had great mature small group leaders who were genuinely caring and knowledgeable and live out Biblical principles. They were people who have our best interest in mind.

That wasn’t the case with the temp. head pastor. He had his own interest at the first place and we were there to serve his purpose. I didn’t like that at all. I found it to be selfish and I wasn’t the only one who realized it.

Now at my small group, it is headed by someone younger and less mature than I am. He has a good heart but I don’t feel like I am being pastored, mentored, whereas it’s the other way around.

It’s been hard. However, I know that I should not go back to my old church. But it’s hard to find a community in Hong Kong. People are just not community minded. People are quite self-centered.

I do find it more healthy and suitable for PKs to go to another church where their parents are ministering to, especially when they are young adults. When you are a kid, you should stick with your parents but once you are older and more mature, PKs should really find a church that is suitable for them. The problem is that it might take times to find the right church.

What would be a good church to go to? I think doctrine, people’s spiritual life and how the people love each other is very important.


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