Our youth pastor left after a year at church. From what the youth pastor said, the deacon/elder board basically said that layman will be in charge and lead ministry, not pastor, and it doesn’t want him to do too much outreaching.

It’s a bit strange and stupid really, to not let a pastor lead a ministry, especially the youth ministry. It’s stupid because the pastor is the professional and laymen are amateur really, especially our group of youth leaders.

Most of the youth leaders are younger than me but that’s not important, the worst thing is that most of them are quite immature both emotionally and spiritually. The youth ministry head is slightly younger than me, doesn’t devote himself to small group, actually is a bit isolated, don’t have much peer support in church. He’s a good guy and I like him, he’s one of the better ones but he’s still a bit immature. There are several people who shouldn’t even be leading.

There is a girl I am serving with and I don’t find her mature as well but she’s popular because of her looks. Several guys are chasing her. I know at least two and really she is good with the youth actually, but if you talk about Bible and biblical principles than she wouldn’t be the one. I don’t find her to be a spiritual person, but more of someone who is trying very hard to look good outwardly and try to hide her frauds. She often lies about being late, trying to cover things up. I was like, just tell me if you are going to be 5 minutes late, I don’t really care, I wouldn’t judge you for being late.

And I wanted to have a meeting with the youth pastor who left before the meeting to discuss about our small youth group meeting and she never understood why I wanted to have the meeting. She was telling me that the pastor left already, what’s the point of meeting with him? I told her that our group was reared by him. These are youths who he led and nurtured for years, we should get some insights and advice before going into our meeting. She kept on telling me that he left already and that he didn’t really make the decisions anyway.

I don’t why she was getting all upset. She was kind of rude to a point to ask so what if the pastor can give us advice and insights. He’s not the pastor anymore. Then she tried to be condescending to me by telling me she’s the official leader of the youth small group. I wouldn’t even do that if I was her. It doesn’t really matter that the pastor left. He can still give us information on the youth, advice, and insights. He’s still a resource.

I wanted to tell her about how it’s a common and wise practice for incoming and outgoing leaders would meet about the transition.


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