So far

Starting over and serving in a new church is not easy. In my first two years, going to small group was fine. They were led by mature leaders, people who were really adults.

First I had a couple who really loved all the small group members. And they were people we could really learn from, people we could really model ourselves after. Then we had another couple who were a little younger in their early 40s. They were really good as well.

After that, we had pastors as our group leaders and it kind of went downhill from there. At first, the youth ministry pastor was supposed to be our group leader and then she left the church so the temp. head pastor stepped in. And the problem was he just didn’t have time to minister to us. The seminary student intern became the acting group leader and the group kind of fell apart.

The temp head pastor took over and he basically used the seminary interns to help lead the small group for him but they leave after a year. There was never good pastoring. The temp head pastor never had the time.

A few others and I feel that the temp head pastor is the group leader to have us the young adults to fall in line after him. I found it selfish because we are not developed well under this program.

I am coming to the disappointment that I don’t find many leaders to model myself after. My small group leader is less mature than I. I am in youth ministry where people fight over details and criticize one another. I don’t see teamwork. I don’t see trust. I see a lot of surface politeness with nastiness and ungodliness going quite deep. Many people shouldn’t be in leadership position because of their characters and moral weaknesses. I am not saying they are bad people but that they still have a lot to work on before becoming leader and decision makers.


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