It was a while back, 2013, when I felt called to serve youth and young adults at the annual Hong Kong and Kowloon Bible Conference. Reverend Stephen Lee 李思敬 was the speaker I remember and I was at the Shatin telecast spot at the Workman Seminary watching the conference as Lee delievered his message and asked if any of us are willing to serve the youth. The funny relation about Lee is that I actually know his parents. His dad was also a pastor and a great speaker. His mom was a very kind and warm lady everybody loved. At Doris’ funeral I also met Lee’s sister who looked like her mother and reminded me of her. I told her that and she told me that she had left after her father who had passed away last year.

At the time I was thinking about the youths and young adults at my old church who were finishing college and starting their young working lives.

So it’s Hong Kong Bible Conference time of the year again at the beginning of August. And so it’s been 3 years since. I talked to my old youth pastor at my old church but I really don’t want to talk to him about it because he was a traitor. I am calling him a traitor because he alighned himself to the powerful bad people at church who were being manipulative with the Scripture, they were using the Scripture to promote themselves and their agenda and this pastor knew it but out of fear he joined them and helped them oust the head pastor, my father. And he wasn’t keen with me, he was a slimmy kind of guy, he wants to be friend with everyone but he was all for himself in reality.

There was one time when he publicly criticized a pastor on his blog with names and everything. And he put his wife into the mix as well, saying she left in the middle of the sermon. The only thing I knew was that many people thought that that pastor was the one to replace my father as the head pastor so I am guessing that he was jealous. Most people liked that pastor because he spoke the Word with power  and he was truthful. I like that pastor as well. Some deacons were trying to buy him by offering several thousands dollars for speaking a sermon but he wisely donated all of it back to the church. What happened was he told my father and the deacon board that he was willing to help the church for free as a missionary but the deacon wanted to have him replace my dad as head pastor and he would have none of that so he left but he would visit and speak sometimes and help us with missions.

So anyway, despite the call to serve the youth and young adults I haven’t really done anything official. Yes, I hung out with the youth at my old church and keep in touch with them. I mentor my peers but nothing in a mininstry because I was basically tagged enemy number 1 with some of the leaders at my church not because of anything I do, but because they opposed my father. Which I still don’t understand. I find it harder to understand how the congregation allow these people to become deacon.




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