Small Group

Many of the small group members I have been going to small group have stopped going to small group and Sunday worship all together. It is disheartening because they are motivated individuals.

I think there is a lack of ministering and nurturing. First we had a pastor who was suppose to be our small group leader leaving. Then the temp head pastor and seminary student intern kind of became our group leader. It was okay then but when the head pastor officially became our group leader people started be less motivated.

The first thing is lack of pastoring, caring and nurturing. Usually in a small group the small group leader is the one who lead by caring and nurturing group members,  being the big brother or sister, the uncle or auntie by having “fellowship” with the members. Fellowship doesn’t just mean going to small group and having Bible studies together but to share lives, “live” together. It’s not happening. I think the temp head pastor is too busy, that was what the seminary intern told me. He doesn’t have time even though I think we could totally have lunch together with his family once every month. That would be doable.

The other thing is there is little caring. The temp head pastor would spend time with you if you make an appointment with him but he’s not going to initiate anything.

And one big thing that I found out that at least one person got turned off is because the temp head pastor pushed his agenda in the small group. He started running the Alpha Course in small group without discussing and planning it with the small group members. It wasn’t a group decision, it was something he wanted to do and he pushed it and he has two seminary interns from his alma mater to help him run the small group.

Personally, I feel that it is the wrong time to run the Alpha Course when people are not even caring about others in the small group, when there isn’t really a community.

It is not something the people signed up for when they decided to join small group. They didn’t sign up for an Alpha Course, they signed up for small group.

One of the seminary intern brought four of her friends and they come regularly but at least three, four regular stopped coming.

I find that the small group is no longer ministering the small group members but is becoming an evangelizing ministry. It’s not wrong but it’s not small group. We didn’t get to decide what we wanted to do as usual. We used to plan our small group activities and schedule together, now there is no schedule and pastor just tell people to serve as worship leader. I don’t know where it is heading. Pastor is just picking people to serve who is available.

I feel like it’s a bit messed up. It is just disheartening.

I am disappointed that the temp head pastor is putting his own agenda ahead for what’s best for the small group. We are his flock. It should always be catered to the people.

I am guessing that he wants to run Alpha Course at church and he is using the small group as a testing ground. Alpha Course is good for evangelizing and increasing attendance, but it shouldn’t be run as small group program and some people are voting with their feet by not coming.

I find it tough because the people who I had started to bond with are stopping to come and discouraged. I don’t blame them.

I asked the pastor again and again if I could serve with the youth ministry and he told me several times that I have to be a member but I find it hard to be a member when I don’t even feel comfortable in small group least the sense of belonging which I don’t really have. I told him that I can’t get plucked in with not serving with others whatsoever. It’s just not working.

I don’t know if he understand that. I think he does, he is not stupid and he told me that I shouldn’t be without any service or I will just have a lost of identity but if the condition is become a member, then I find it kind of wrong and unnatural. It is unhealthy.


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