Back for Baptism

I went back to my old church the past Sunday for a baptism ceremony because a youth that I watched growing up was getting baptised.

I knew him for a decade now and first knew him when we played basketball together as part of our basketball ministry.

He matured and in some ways I must say is more matured than I am. It took him a long time to finally baptise. I knew that he believed for a long time already.

Going back there  gave me a lot of flashbacks and thoughts. Not much people from my fellowship went. There were Her, Kant, Shir because she is a deacon, WK and Pig because their family member, Vic and LH, Queen and …I actually forgot one of their names.

It was good to see some of the youths I haven’t seen in a while since our basketball days a few years back and they have all graduated since then and are now working.

It was a bit awkward because some of the people kind of avoid me. It hurt because we should be better than this. We were brothers and sisters. I still think we are but not them.

It’s the youths who acted more normal like human beings, friends and as brothers and sisters.

It’s a bit ridiculous because you would think older people act more mature. No.

Queen asked me why I am back and I told her that I watched M grow up. Queen was probably one of the few people who made attempt to reach me but she is a bit brainwashed. We used to be tight, we came to this church at around the same time, went to the same small group. I somewhat regret that I welcomed her to this church.

As I was leaving, Shir talked to me about my trip in Japan. We small talked a bit about traveling in Japan. It’s weird because she is a deacon now and I wonder how much she knows about all the nasty things that is happening. She is the recorder of AGM and deacon meetings, and at the last AGM a brother and I raised problem with vague record of the past AGM on how the printed record doesn’t say what the former head deacon state about what were the offences of MS.

I think some people care and they are checking on me on Facebook but they don’t show it. It’s almost like a guilt to show care or interest in me.

I feel sad when I think about this, we had such a great group of brothers and sisters in Christ. And I get angry because some stupid selfish people with nothing better to do decided to take advantage and use others to get power and control others and destroyed this community, this fellowship we had.

I wasn’t sure what happened since last time but the new head pastor this time seemed like he was trying to avoid contact with me. It was a very different gesture from the last time we met when he actually came over and shook my hand.

I am guessing that somebody told himself or had him aware of something.



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