Good Friday.

I usually go to a church’s Good Friday service except this year, not because of any particular good reason, it was only because I didn’t want to go all the way out to the church in the city. And by the time I was looking for local churches to go to, I was going to be late. There was one I could go to but I really didn’t want to hear my dad preach because I know I will not be able to be focus but be critical of his preaching and being nervous about him.

I am probably my father’s biggest sermon critic.

So I ended up watching the Harvest’s Greg Laurie Thursday Good Friday service online. I wonder if it is for people on the other side of the globe a day early?

It is funny and the situation shows how detached I am, what a struggle I am in and how dry I might be in. I feel like I am in the winter of my spiritual walk.

When I was part of a church community, I would know when the Good Friday service was. My friends, brothers and sisters will ask if anybody want to get a quick dinner before. I would have fellowship.

Greg Laurie’s message was alright. Yet I feel it is so, how can I describe it, “rehearsed”? That’s not a very good word to describe it. Greg Laurie is so smooth and at a speed which I feel like he was keeping pace. It is so “standardized”, feel a bit cliche. Somewhat unreal. I feel like it doesn’t go into the guts. It was alright.

And it’s strange watching it on the computer. I miss live sermon, the live worship, some real fellowship, talking with friends about sermons and the message. But at the same time, I remember that I hardly talk to my brothers and sisters about the sermon even though I wanted to.

There were only a few who would do that with me when the condition was right.

I think most people have other things on their mind or they just don’t want to share. I remember that some people get emotional when they really do share.

Whereas I think the guys at my old church were rather good. When we were together, we were honest and open to share.



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