Memory Lane

My fondest memory of church is actually from Australia, Sydney to be more exact, but every few years I go back I get some bad news. When I go to church I see less and less of my friends.

During my past visit, I found out a girl I grew up with stopped going to church, the same church her whole family for the previous generations have gone to. It was surprising for me because she grew up in a pretty much perfect Christian family. I know her grandmother well and she is a lovely, kind, caring and kind old woman. I know her whole family well.

I was like why? There’s no bullying or anything that I experienced as a pastor’s kid with church politics, bullies and abuses. Everybody likes you and appreciates you there. Later I realized that it was because she couldn’t find a good Christian mate. She is dating a non-Christian guy. She knew that was not right.

She is actually no the only one. I knew a few who left church because dating and marrying non-Christian guys. They are still friends of most people at the church. I guess the thing is you can’t serve anymore at church because it is just bad witnessing.

For me, I understand this need for sisters to find a mate. It’s natural for us. However, it’s hard for some of the sisters.

The solution seems to be to get more guys to go to church. However, that’s hard, especially in Australia. The churches are ageing and not many young people go to church. It’s sad. However, I do see hope in the young Christian scene in Australia. There are some great young people in Australia and the training is quite good really.

I studied at Australia and the AFES has a pretty good model and the young Asian Australians in Sydney has something called RICE. I hope there is a revival in young Australia churches and the decreasing Christian population.

Australia is somewhere between New Zealand and US. In New Zealand, it’s such a good place and people are satisfied that they don’t feel the need for God. Why spend several hours at a church building?


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