Moving Around for Pastor’s Kids

Today I went to a friend’s wedding and I found out that she is a fourth generation Christian with the whole family going to the same church.

I thought to myself and I am a third generation Christian and…my grandfather and dad grew up in the same church which had a troubled past which grieve my father very much. And as for I, I never attended there, I visited it a few times when I was small, just going with my mom and dad who grew up in the youth group there. They went there as an old home and they were greet by older members of the church who still remember them.

When my dad graduated from seminary, it was his dream to minister to his own home church, to work there, to serve at his home church but they never called on him. He was disappointed.

As for me, I was just thinking. I have been to over six churches in my life and I have close attachments to three of them which I might consider my home church at times in my life. Two other churches played great part in my life. It gets confusing. In my life, I just have to adjust, try to fit in, again and again. Man, do I wish I grew up in maybe just three churches down from six or seven.

I think this is something pastor’s kids have to deal with. We move a lot. Some of us have attended several churches. And the parting are sometimes painful and haunt us. They certainly haunt me.

I get very tire from moving around to different churches, even now. It takes like three years for me to break in. And it seems that something will just happen and I will just have to start again.



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