Mixed Bag

I feel the small group is dying really. I was asking my groupmate to be welcoming because I have a friend coming but really I only had one groupmate coming up and the others just weren’t there at all.

I kind of wonder about this.

Do I miss my old church. I do, I miss the people yet there’s also so much hurt as well. And it was so hard to leave that I don’t want to go back there and had to do that all over again.

The good news is that I actually did get to go to small group this week finally after like a 3 months absence because of a course I am taking that happen that night.

It was good to be back and have a Bible study, it was on Luke 8:1-8. We had the new youth ministry pastor visiting us. I was a bit late and arrived at 8:30ish. A sister, let’s call her Lucy, was leading the study and she was going through the background of the passage, asking us questions.

The new pastor, let’s call him, Bob, got impatient and took over. It was a bit funny yet awkward and a little rude. Yes, he just took over and started talking the whole time because he thought that we all knew the background and we falling behind in time to get to the meat.

It turned into a Sunday school class lecture. I didn’t like that. He said it was fun play to look at this passage, especially verse eight.

However, Bob did ask some serious questions for thoughts.

He asked if it matter if we pray once or multiple times over a requests or need? Why do we pray? What’s the meaning of praying? Why do we say amen? Do we really mean “Amen” when we say it at the end of the prayer? He also said Christians should know their personal role and dreams as they know God better. Christians need to be sure and that if there’s no resistance or battle, it might means that you are walking a downward path.

I think he went a bit off topic from the Bible study and his taking over was a bit uncalled for but he raised some profound questions for us to think about.

I feel sorry for Lucy whose preparation kind of went down the drain because we never went back to it.

Bob is an intense kind of guy and I think it would’ve been better if he let other be involved in the discussion and not just took over as much as he did.

I do feel in one way that some pastors lead or do too much that gave little space for the brothers and sisters to learn on their own. Or in a way, and I think this is epidemic in Chinese churches, not trained people enough but pushed brothers and sisters to work, do and work.


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