We got this new youth pastor at my new church and I remember talking with the interm head pastor a few months back and he talked about all the ministries that will be happening…and yea, they are happening and this new youth pastor is aggressive in a good sense of way.

I do feel that he is sincere. It’s my intuition and he is encouraging young people to go into ministry and don’t wait until you are almost 40. He said that it takes about 3 years to get into gear working in ministry.

I went to the music classes today, learning how to play the jazz drum. I learned a lot tonight actually.

He’s only been here for a few weeks but everybody already knows him and he is getting things started.

It’s nuts and it’s a bit scary. It is so different from my old church where the pastors really have their hands tied and had to push people very hard just to move an inch.

The church has a good group of young people who are kind and good-natured. I can casually talk with the young guys even if they don’t really know me. They are very pure and the new pastor is already mobilizing them.

This is so different.

There are music classes for guitar, jazz drum and ukelele tonight are in ways preparation for a more contemporary worship in the future to cater more to young people.


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