I haven’t been to my old church until Sunday yesterday because there was a “Home Meeting,” usually a pre-meeting to the AGM. I just went there to see how things are going.

I went to my new church for service, ate lunch with my small group, well half of them, and then went to the Home Meeting. It started with a warm up game, kind of fun but I wasn’t there for that.

Then we sang some hymns. I felt a bit weird because we can sing all the greatest hymns and mean nothing if we don’t follow the lyrics and God’s word. Then finally it was the new head pastor’s sharing of his vision and what he would like to see happen. It was good except there were way too many prayer meeting. That might sound strange but we used to have one prayer meeting on Thursday night which only around 10 people at most go to. Most of the deacons don’t go, and then because of request for district based prayer meeting, they, the deacons opened Sunday morning prayer meeting, which is good.

Now, it seems like there will be a morning prayer meeting everyday.

Good direction but I am worried about how it would worn out the pastors and if people would show up. It might work but I would rather have the prayer meeting expanding as more and more people join, seeing how Sunday’s meeting are and then expand. So very bold.

He emphasized on discipleship and systematic visitation of brothers and sisters. Great stuff but I also remember that what my pap tried to do with very little support.

He was a bit rushed and then it was time for my two favourite deacon, Lo Sir and Joey to talk about church building development. It took like 30 minutes. It was a bunch of rumbling with the conclusion that after the survey done, 49% of all church members participated are okay with rebuilding the current building or moving to a new site. The other half are slipped on two other choices. So basically most people are okay with rebuilding or moving and then rumbling about how difficult it is to buy a place or find a place now and let’s wait for God.

It could be 80% shorter. It seems like they are restarting the whole…process again. They were also trying to explain and justify how they spent 3 millions dollars on maintenance last year, and how 6 millions dollars left isn’t all that much to buy a place.

I was like…is this a loop? We been through this, when are they going to make a decision on this and just get going? They want to ask members to join new committees to find solutions and I was like…what have you guys been doing the past decade? Wasn’t there a committee already, what was it doing all these times?

The reality is the current place is maxed out on Sunday and Saturday. The building is very old and maintenance cost is increasing every year. That is established. We had usage problem like almost 10 years ago and we did have some momentum to rebuild the building but someone, some idiot deacons put the brakes on and it died down.

And it just went too long. Then it was praying time and discussing thing for deacon group leaders of each group to record members’ responds to the things shared.

I felt that nothing has changed and the new head pastor has a tough job ahead.

Then I had tea with some old friends and went on to dinner to celebrate the ordination of 2 pastors at my new church. It was an entirely different atmosphere. It was such a contrast.


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