It’s July and I haven’t been to TC, my old church for about 3 months now. I am more involved in my new church which I actually been going to for over 2 years now but mostly just for small group. I started going to the Sunday service regularly for the past 3 months after I made the decision to do so starting Chinese New Year.

I am building up friendship and it is just so much better when nobody is out there to get you, scheming to force you out, make you feel uncomfortable and etc. It’s what church life should be really.

However, I still have some attachment to my old church. I am still in the small group whatsapp group and starting in July we are put into new groups. I was actually very disappointed with the new group set up. I think the intention of the make up of the groups is about control and containment.

There is this group of people who are just already so closed up with one another and they got their own group on Friday. I was like gees, they don’t need to be put in the small group, they already have their own group. It was like a group tailor made for them with no outsiders and with Joe in there as the leader. Great.

And the two groups on Saturday are seperated into the MS and Shirley supporters and newbies in one group and my group with mostly people I used to be really good friends with along with the pro-MS pastor and pro-MS contact person/leader. I don’t the make up of the other group because a lot of new believers are in it and MS and Shirley will just pound them with bad doctrines and weird thinking. They are going to get brainwash with help of MS and Shirley’s supporters. I don’t like my group because the contact person/leader is a guy who talked behind my back and been jabbing at me for years. I don’t like having the pro-MS pastor there as well.

So I don’t want to go back there and be part of this stupid game.


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