The wicked

I realized at my old church fellowship there are MS plus wife Shir, Heman and his wife SiuKan, and Joe plus his relatives. MS was former deacon and both him and his wife were/are mentors, Heman is de-facto fellowship leader and wife SiuKan is deacon, Joe is deacon and fellowship founding father and has some kind of mentor role with half of the fellowship because of his seniority. Joe also has his wife working in the church office and relatives as deacon and now bringing up his wife’s brother, Ji, to be new fellowship leader.

They are like the trinity of fellowship.

It’s people like them who mess everyone up.

Originally, it was only MS and probably Joe. And then it spread like a virus. I just don’t see much hope in it. The worst is that they know what they are doing is wrong, they try really hard to hide it but they still do it.

They are committed in this sinful way of doing things in order to get their objective.

The fellowship has a plan to control the church. The mastermind is Joe. MS and Shir want the same but they can’t do it. Joe has the smart to do it with help from like Heman and SiuKan.

The worst thing is that they use the younger people to do their dirty work and to achieve their objective, to take over.

They are all in very powerful and well-respected positions. Joe, SiuKan and several other senior members of the fellowship were all primary, secondary and university schoolmates. So even if a few of these people don’t agree with what’s going on, they won’t speak out against their childhood friends. The best they can do is to stay out from what’s going on.

The worst thing is that there is nobody who is speaking against what is happening.


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