We would talk and they, the deacon board would stall and would be silence about the matter.

I have a deacon, on his first term, asking me if I would have time to talk about a letter I sent them and he also said they want to understand my situation.

I had talk with deacons before but I find them kind of meaningless because there were never any follow-up or result. What was promised was twisted. The head deacon then promised us that he would personally see to that the advising pastor would tell the outgoing Pastor F on why her contract will not be renewed. It never happened.

Pastor F had to go to the AGM to demand for a explanation and she had to go to a lot of work to get the deacon board to put back in what was said in the House Meeting into the archive so others can read.

So I am thinking that the deacon board just want to hear what I would say and see if they could put a handle on the situation right now so it wouldn’t blow over the AGM in late April. And that would give them some times to handle the AGM.


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