Last night, a brother in my old church small group went to the hospital and is unconscious as of late.

Today after noon service we had an emergency prayer meeting for him.

We were broke into groups to pray. We were told to pray in 3 or 4 but I ended up with just HP, the two of us.

Afterwards praying in separate groups, we prayed together and whoever wanted to could pray out loud. As Ji was praying, his voice was crying. A lot of people started crying. It was really unreal. I felt sad and sorry for YY, the wife of the brother who haven’t been coming for over a year now, and his family and I was holding off the tears because I was getting affected by some of the people who were crying.

I later told him that his mucus and was 5 inches long dripping from his nose. I quickly went out to find some tissue for him. When I commented on it, he told me I wasn’t concentrating on praying, I told him we finished praying already, there were only two people in our group and asked him why he was thinking something bad when he should be thinking good. I was a bit shocked at his reaction. I gave him a tissue to wipe his nose. Afterwards he said he should thank me instead.

Ji, the brother in law of Joe was being put on the pedestal, and basically so are all of Joe’s nemesis. They used to be my friends but I think some time 2 years ago it all changed. I think something happened that broke us up. And it happened quite suddenly.

It is so weird going to the old church again and again. It’s bad for me but it is, at the same time, so pathetic. They don’t let me serve. They kind of view me as the enemy and one time HP told me that as well. People know, they know it’s wrong but nobody is speaking up.

I get pretty sad over it. I put a brave face up and still act all upbeat and stuff at my old church but inside I am dying. I feel like crying really.

I guess it is a bad idea to go back. It doesn’t feel good and I need to move on. It’s not my fault, it’s just that some people are playing god and doing evil.


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