New Pastor

It was announced yesterday after the new head pastor will be one our pastor’s younger brother.

From what I know, he’s a good man and a good pastor. However, I really wonder why he is coming to our church. His sister works here so he knows the problems here and how messy it is. I also find that to be problematic to have two siblings being pastors at the same church. I think he’s a good man and a good pastor but that is not a good policy. It might encourage future practice of cronyism, or just being a first so future practice will be encouraged.

I wonder if they are just so desperate that they would break normal practice and protocol in hiring pastor.

I also don’t think it is a good decision by the incoming pastor because it means both siblings working in the same church, under the same management, perhaps under the same scrutiny.

It’s just all very weird. Man Pastor announced that he will come on or before September, and maybe as early as April.

I also thought about MS and how the ordeal around him haven’t been resolved and it should be resolved before the new pastor comes in, or it will just be very messy.

At fellowship, a young sister was lecturing us, scolding at us for thinking too much about having dinner after small group when we should be listening to God’s calling…I was like what? Is that how she sees us?

I have no idea on what to do? I should, in normal circumstances, talk to her privately or ask a mentor to talk to her together. However, MS and his wife, Shirley, although should not be our mentors, are our mentors. And anything I say will be fired back against me. This is what happen when the leadership is corrupted.

It was really sad how Ali had changed so much and started talking like Cow and Shirley before her. She’s basically their brainchild and mouthpiece. It’s such a waste.


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