Evildoers and Acts 21

There’s not much I can do but I just hate when evil wins, when schemers and evildoers win. It really pisses me off. And it is really because the good people are too afraid, timid, too nice(?), too weak, too lazy to do anything about it.

The evildoers at church usually are strong willed, cunning people, whereas most churchgoers are somewhat naive, think good of others (as they were taught), have herd mentality, somewhat obedient to authority, nice (I guess) and don’t like to offend others. They don’t like trouble. They get very stressed up with problems.

The evildoers are different, they plan and scheme plots to hurt others, to control a situation. lt’s their mentality. It’s like their nature.

I was sharing in small group that there are fake Christians at church yesterday. We had a new person. There was a miscommunication and I thought I was leading and Cher was actually leading, but I didn’t mind, it forced me to read Acts 21 really carefully.

The greatest lesson I see in Acts 21 is how God would give very difficult calling to His servant. God gave this huge difficult and grudging task to Paul. And although he was warned again and again by his fellow brothers and sisters not to go, Paul willed himself to follow the Spirit’s call for him to go to Jerusalem.

It shows that God sometimes do give very difficult trial for people of God, and people should respond to these very difficult calling that they must do, like Paul.

Paul had a great burden and calling to go to Jerusalem. We know that Paul was bring money he raised from the Asian churches to the needy and poor Christians and church in Jerusalem. It was an effort to reconcile the gentile and Jews Christians in Jerusalem and have the Christians in Jerusalem accept their gentile counterpart. Paul wanted to deliver the “gift” and speak to the Christians at Jerusalem himself, even if it might cost him his very life.

I felt very touched by Paul’s loyalty, selfless sacrifice for God and his people, his fellow brothers and sisters.

I see the problem at my old church. There is problem but nobody is brave enough to tackle the task. They try to hide from it, cover it up.

Church is doing a lot of things but the fundamental problem is still there. It is like a person is sick but instead of seeing or listening to the doctor’s instruction and prescription, he doesn’t take the medicine or take rest but put some make up on to make himself look like he is healthy.

I have no eyes to see and I am getting sick of worrying about it and even the people at my old church because it really stopping me from doing better things.

Another funny thing I noticed in Acts 21 is how many “heroes” or notable people and places made cameos in this chapter. There was Philip, one of the original deacons and Evangelist at Caesarea, Agabus with the gift of prophecy, there was Mnason, one of the early believer and James along with the other elders of the church.


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