End of an Era

Sal, my small group contact person called me and see if I was okay with my injury. Sal also told me about the most recent contact person meeting and our small group will split. There will no longer be 3 small groups on Saturday, it will be two and at least two people from my small group will go to one of the Friday’s group. I knew who they are. I wonder if they are going to Jo’s group on Friday. Anyway, I don’t think it will be good for them in the spiritual sense but I have no control. They will be fed a lot of bad theology and teaching.

I knew that they were avoiding the others in small group almost a hurtful way. Pretty selfish to be honest. It was a bit shocking at first. There is discrimination in the group. The ones with higher income, better education and higher cultural level (I guess) don’t hang out or want to be associated with people who are, in their opinion, less. At first, Sal and I along with others were really trying to get the group together but they never responded. Cher would make some nice excuse. It’s very important for girls to be perfect, paper perfect. They never told us the issues but they clearly sent their message with passive-aggressive actions.

One of the worst and most shocking one was when we were planning to listen to the HKKBC and Vin asked questions about which was the closest church to go to and we made all the arrangement. We decided to go after our Saturday afternoon service which Vin didn’t go but she showed up outside and called two of us and asked them to go. Sal noticed but we were still in service, I thought we made it clear to go together as a small group. And it was communion as well, so two left with Vin. I was like, what? We are having communion, you don’t leave in the middle of the communion and why didn’t she make the message in the our small group’s What’s App group? And last time we left after the whole service and we could take a taxi together as well. We had time, we didn’t have to hurry. So I didn’t know what was going on and I still don’t know what the heck. Sal and I were confused.

We went after communion and the end of service. We found them and it was still singing hymns before the speakers started. We sat together with them but afterwards, after waiting for two of them in the toilet, Vin told one of the girls to tell us that they have private conversation and can’t gather to share. Sal and I felt chilliness. We were shocked and upset, like, what the heck?

It wasn’t the first time but I think Vin crossed the line and why? It was small group time and activity.

But yes, that’s the end of Small Group #4. We had great fun, we had three mentors/pastors left in our group in about 3 years. We were just being slaughtered thanks to arrangement by the leadership, Jo and Jayson.

As for the two groups which we will be splitted into, all I know is this, they are manned by MS and his wife, Shir. MS did not get the votes to be a deacon the last election and was found by joint HQ-church committee to be misbehaving. I am afraid that I will be put into a small group surrounded by all his supporters. The leadership is thinking hard to give me a treatment, making me leave, continuing the abuse.

It is an end of an era. I am leaving yet I find it hard to break it to my friends, my fellow soldiers. But yet I can no longer protect them, I can no longer even get to fight with them. And I know this situation is not good for me.

Sal will not be a contact person the coming season and I lose a trusted voice in the contact person meeting and someone who give me insight into what’s going on. I will be in the dark.

So tragic it is when the fellowship and church is under ungodly leadership!


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