We are sheep.

We are so sheep. I was sharing with my old church friends my frustration and observation from the latest “House Meeting” (family meeting in straight translation) at my old church the past Sunday.

There was a big issue with Pastor Fu leaving during last year’s House Meeting designed to help the Deacon Board communicate with the congregation before the AGM. I also shared something that probably scared some people, including some current deacons.

The format of the past House Meeting was very different. There was no open discussion, no public sharing. Pastor Low basically hosted it and picked people to share. Most of them were unprepared. We did have a small group discussion with a survey which we filled out but they didn’t collect it. Each group had a designated leader to record from the discussion.

It was very programmed and gave no time for open sharing and discussion. No time set for people to speak out on their own. And because of that, there was no controversy.

I left early but at the end, my friend told me some of the female deacons and pastors were crying in happy tears maybe because it went so “smooth.”

I think they changed the format because the deacon board had a hard time last year and did not wanted to put on record what was said in the House Meeting. Many of the conversations last year we had in the House Meeting were missing from the official minute that has to be written down on the report at AGM.

One person I know had to really fight the deacon board behind scene to put those words back on the record and let known to the congregation but the deacon board did it very obscurely. They told that person that they would print out the missing part for all to see only if individual church members go up to the office and ask for it. Yet there was no announcement made in the service or anywhere to tell church members that was even happening. So they were hiding it. Trying not to let it out.

So crooked. Censorship? Suppression? It’s just wicked.

The worst thing is, most people don’t care as long as everybody is happy.


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