Saturday Serivce to Deacon Head

Despite deciding to leave my old church, I am still scheduled to serve on Sound Duty in the Saturday service.

I see a change in the head deacon. He acts so cocky now. He wasn’t like this before but now he carries an air of superiority. He was telling me and asking me about how the baby room wasn’t hearing much, but he wouldn’t listen to me, hardly making any response and played with the sound panel himself, and then walked away.

The problem with this church is that there are a lot of petty men put into high position, leadership position even though they are not really leader. I am actually kind of surprised that he became the head deacon just in his first term as a deacon. Very surprise. Why is a newbie the head deacon? What is wrong with the deacon board with electing him as the head deacon? Something serious is wrong and I know what’s going on too. It happened before.

Some deacons like to control others from behind and do stuff, yet they don’t want to be the person responsible so they would ask some newbies or some naive person to be in charge so they would be in the “hot seat” if something happens. Joe, the vice-deacon board head is such a person. He did it before with P Sir. Is it a coincidence that both past deacon heads had little experience in deaconship, almost not fellowship experience (themselves not in a fellowship before becoming a deacon) and both from the Boy’s Brigade. There is nothing wrong with the Boy’s Brigade but the Boy’s Brigade (heretofore as BB) at our church kind of exist like a separate entity or a friendly goody goody club at the church. It’s somewhat self-sustained though supported financially by the church, it runs itself very independently. People in it is like in a family so it is kind of a fellowship in a way, so many people who are in the BB are not in a regular fellowship and might not be very involved or knowledgable about the rest of the church and etc. That is the case with the two deacon heads, the previous one and the present one.

I knew that P Sir, the previous deacon head was manipulated and befriended by the string pullers. And so history repeats itself.

These people, men, feel honored or maybe even think that God put them in such a position, because for a long time they were overlooked, never so respected, never in such a high position. The head deacon is basically in a weird and illegal sense at our church, the top person at church. It’s not the pastor ideally and theoretically, it’s really the deacon board that is the most powerful body and the deacon head is the chairman of the deacon board which makes him pretty much the top, although, as in the past 2 terms those head deacons are just being played by the real powerful string pullers who have powerful network and influence in church.

But why are they deacon board heads? Aren’t there better candidates?

There are capable people, there are bright, a I can only think of one real visionary leader but they all hide from these pressure posts and what we have here is a bunch of people who just shouldn’t be in their positions running things. The real smart and I would say, respected person can see how deacon board is messed up and how they just get played so they “smartly” avoid the whole thing and never will become deacon because they know it is messy.

So we have … sadness in the deacon board, and much more sadness at church because we have lousy leaders who shouldn’t be there running the church, or the show.

I can’t agree more to the Abraham Lincoln quote, “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”


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