Concern over some youths at church

I have been worrying about some youths at church or young adults now, the younger Christians at church. My old church that is, TC. I began my relationship with the youth through basketball, we used to play a lot of basketball together and they know who I am and I know who they are, we are always on good terms and at times I feel like our thoughts are quite similar.

I often feel that I have more in common with them than my peers at my age group. My middle class peers that is. However, at the same time I am often concerned and worried about them swaying from the faith.

They are idealistic, full of passion and energy, kind, on fire and really a great group of loving people but at the same times, I do feel that they could go overboard with stuff. And they quite independently minded, headstrong as well. They got their point of view. It’s a good and bad thing I guess.

I can’t teach them. I can’t be preachy with them.


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