Tragic Saturday.

It was so wonderful. I don’t know how many lies were spoken. I have overheard the couple who yelled at me for about 5 minutes last year told the head deacons that they are going to worship at another church, Shat Bap. I was told by brother who no longer attend fellowship that MS asked him to join him at Shat Bap and he did but he didn’t hang out with him because MS have lunch on Sunday with his followers after service.

However MS and his wife, Shirley still come to fellowship, and Shir still lead worship and speaks a lot. The past Saturday, I was at Saturday service, I was serving. I am serving a lot more now I believe because some of the people in the fellowship have stopped service. It’s a bit funny because for a while I wasn’t serving as usher, but I am scheduled in to serve both again.

I told some deacons that MS was still at fellowship along with Shir and they are still being bad influence. I messaged the fellowship head that it’s wrong to put more people into MS’ small group especially when they knew he was problematic and has bad teaching since his wife is a deacon and knew everything.

Anyway after service, I was contemplating whether to go to fellowship afterwards or not, I was moving so I had a lot of stuff to do as well as work. Pretty much nobody showed up at fellowship. It was MS and Shir, a couple, ML and Funyin, and that’s it. HP and his new wife, Cher were also there. So from a good number of 30, only about 6 people turned up.

It’s pretty tragic. I left too.

I just thought to myself, it’s just so wasteful. It was so much better several years ago. Now all the relationships are torn apart. For what? Because this guy wants to have things his way so much that he basically torn the whole thing apart. I wonder if his supporters have learned their lesson yet and realize what was wrong.

I really don’t mind them going to Sha Bap, I think it might do them good to get some exposure, but it’s just so sad because it shouldn’t be this way. We failed, we are divided because we didn’t follow God.

As for me, I am so tire. I am so tire of all of this. There is still attachment. It is out of my hands. It’s like a tug of war. I know I am important to some of the people who told me not to leave, and that I can’t leave. But man, am I tire. It seems that many people have moved on. Some small group members no longer want a relationship, we are just pretending. Sometimes I feel like we are just people who go to, I don’t know what, together for the past 8 years or so and I don’t know why the relationships have gone so sour.


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