Saturday Meeting

The past Saturday, September 13th, we had a sharing meeting. He was a sudden change that just happened two weeks ago. I think we were suppose to do Bible study and it changed into this.

I guess it is because the fellowship found out that the deacon board might officially ask MS to stop his service as fellowship mentor. The fellowship leader asked us to be open and share about the complaint MS received and we should deal with it as a group.

I found it smelled funny and knew that it was going to cause conflict. I thought it might turn out to be a MS support rally. The thing was if we do say what we think honestly, there will be conflict.

All of the deacons were invited and before the meeting I asked one sister in the core group who’s thought the idea up. He said the fellowship leader. Just before the meeting I told the fellowship leader that I think it is a very bad idea and asked who thought it up? He told me in Chinese (the problem in Chinese is that there is no specific plural or singular word, we have number words some sometimes the number is not clear) that there was/were experienced pastors from other churches and senior fellowship member. I asked for names and he wouldn’t give them to me. I actually can guess who. I think Joe, maybe their old pastor, his wife and probably FY and Goldfish.

The open meeting was a set up and it was a show to the deacons there that if they support MS and if they order him to stop serving, they might as well tell them to stop serving as well, causing manpower problem.

From serving on Saturday service, I realized a few have pulled out from audio duty and I was asked to be an usher after no call for a year which I found bizarre. And I also found it surprising that the piano player, Ally went MIA just before the Saturday service and luckily we had our youth worker there who substituted for her.

I think the fellowship is threatening the deacons with walking out from serving, and many of them are put into worship roles in the past two years. I can say that between one-third and just below half of manpower for service roles come from my fellowship and it really post a threat.

I was very disappointed by the senior members’ position and how they were supporting MS despite the relevant charges and acknowledgement of his misconducts. The worst was that the younger members just kind of followed them as well so there is a real crisis in church discipline and a real moral problem. It seems like if you have enough support, you can do anything you want.

I told some deacons what was going to happen and how the meeting was going to be bias just before the meeting. But at the meeting, Nar asked some tough questions and I could see the deacons shaking. MS even teased them by telling them to speak up. MS was a happy man that night. He won.


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