Haven’t blog quite as often mostly because of quite a lot of things have been happening. Although I have decided to leave the church, I still have some duties and some matters to settle. I had to lead Bible study the past Saturday and to my semi-surprise MS was there there along with Shirley his wife. I found it unbelievable that they are still maintaining leadership role in fellowship as mentors despite their outburst at AGM insulting clergy and deacons. 

Gee was leading worship because Na wasn’t was but sent her message and what she wanted to say to her as she read it out. Na is part of the MS camp. The intern seminary student, Jam somehow got involved in getting his son to play violin in additional to the piano and it was quite nice, but afterward, Shir spoke with Gee and asked why Jam was involved. 

I waited till most people left and spoke to MS, at least I tried to, I began with asking about his health knowing he had some troubles, then I tried to tell him about how I thought of what he did at AGM before I was met with a lot of yelling. He said I am a disrespectful stupid boy, don’t know what’s going on and have mental sickness. I couldn’t even finish my sentence. He was all angry and calling me names. Shir tried to restrain MS. I was just talking. He was yelling, hurling insults at me. Fuyi came from upstair and tried to quiet him down. He was really loud and people heard him from the first floor, we were at the ground floor. It was ridiculous. The most ridiculous thing is why do people follow this guy? Because he is very nice to people who follow him. 

I was a bit astonished but I kept my cool and went up to the 2nd floor to lead small group Bible study. 


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