How Do You Deal with With in the Church?

The new revelation about the leadership of my fellowship’s support of MS has me thinking, “Is it worth it to confront the collaborative sins of a leadership?” 

I realise now that, as I feared, there are a few old guards at the fellowship who have all along been controlling people in the fellowship. Right or wrong doesn’t really matter to them to much as long as they are in power. What’s most important is relationship between them, not whether something is godly or not. I am devastated. I am devastated because the ex-fellowship head, who I served with for 3 years or so, is denying the wrong doing of MS and I realised that he knew it all along and was not honest with me when I spoke to him on Saturday night. He knows what’s going on, but he has made a conscious decision to protect and support the behaviour of MS. The problem is they think they own the fellowship. They only let people who follow MS’ way serve and lead Bible study. They are putting their closest friends all in one small group where MS is leading. 

So, what to do? What am I to do? I realise that people at church can be engaged in sinful behaviour while knowing that it is wrong. 


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