Maybe I was Naive.

On Saturday night, I went to fellowship and MS was still there being the mentor. I spoke to the ex-fellowship leader who was mentor for a time. I talked about what happened during the AGM and how MS shouldn’t be a mentor at fellowship. 

I am not going to talk about the details but I realized that he isn’t the person I remember. He denied that those were not problem and there was hardly anything wrong with it, he said people shouldn’t teach others when they can’t reach a certain spiritual level. He said that MS only ignore and yell at people if he thinks they are not spiritual enough and have problem. I was like, is this Jesus’ way? Ignore people who he subjectively think is unworthy, not good enough? I couldn’t believe him. He asked me what Jesus hate? I wanted him to answer me first but he was firm. I eventually said pharisee, people

I told him, MS can’t even do what he say. He tell people to be obedient but he just cussed out half the deacon board, disrespected clergy, disrespected decision of the a committee made up of deacon board and pastors from the denomination HQ publicly at the AGM. This guy thinks he is god. So isn’t he just a hypocrite himself? He tells people to obey, to submit but he doesn’t.

I then realize I was naive to even talk to him about the problem with MS. He is one of them. I can’t believe him. He’s a Phd. I also found out who would leak things out from the deacon board and how it is all about relationship. I told him, “Hey, he shouldn’t tell others.”  He replied, “I am his best man at his wedding, doesn’t matter.” Oh, so that’s how it work. No wonder all these things leak out.    


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