Going to fellowship at night during the weekend and I was surprised at MS and SL were still attending fellowship and SL was leading worship. Before she led the worship, she spoke for 10 minutes about how God still loves her and how she doesn’t understand what’s going on or why God loves her but God does. Humm. She has been saying that for ages and it seems like everybody sound the same now. 

IMS was again talking about things he shouldn’t even know about and talking against the deacons who did not support him just how he did at the AGM. That’s just outrageous. I find it problematic that more people, his supporters were added to his group where people were taken out of the small group I go to.


Very disappointed with the deacon board lately as well as the advising pastor.

He told me, not today, let’s talk on another day. After two weeks I have heard nothing from him so I whatsapped him wondering on a time to meet. I asked him if he was free night time or during the weekend. He said he couldn’t promise me time and suggested Wednesday early afternoon instead. Everybody works during a weekday in the early afternoon. I can’t take a half day off just to talk to you and he knows I work at school. It was ridiculous. I asked for any other time night time or weekend. He kept on saying that he can’t promise without giving me any time. He is just being plain dishonest.

Not a very responsible advising pastor. I heard from someone who worked with him and said he’s everywhere, meaning he doesn’t commit to any place. He doesn’t get his hands dirty. He likes to teach classes.

He just doesn’t want to get mixed up in issue and avoiding the issue. Come on, grow up.

There is this problem with many Chinese churches, they don’t confront and face the problem. They hope that the problem would just go away themselves if they just ignore it. Very childish really and I am not sure if they are aware that things are popping. Problems are coming to the surface.

As for the deacons, the former chairman said they are still discussing whether to turn the issue over to the headquarter. It was suggested to them earlier because they really had nobody who could confront MS. After a year, everybody is impatient. MS has basically ignored the deacon board decision by going and retaining leadership in fellowship. I find it outrageous and unacceptable.

I told the deacon board and they told me they are discussing about it. I asked if they were turning the case to the headquarter, they are still discussing. They have been discussing for a year.


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