All Group Member Meeting

We had the AGM on April 27th, Sunday afternoon and it was a very dramatic AGM.

It started with Pastor L talking about a very vague plan. It was nothing like the detailed plan, there’s no specific, unlike the previous ones by the past head pastor. The deacon board used to ask the clergy staff for ministry outlook plan and etc. And they would write very detailed ones.

They asked Pastor Fung the same thing too and then she left. I think what they do is they ask for ministry plan to see what the pastors are thinking and they would know whether they like the direction the clergy staff are leading or not. And if they don’t like it, don’t like what they see from it, then they would oust the pastors. It also let them to hold staff account for following their plan.

I find it a bit funny how Pastor L was able to present such a vague one. He basically showed a few bible verses, talked about them unlike back in the days when there would be organizational charts, steps to accomplishing goals and etc.

I don’t know why, I wonder if the deacon board now expect less from Pastor L. The powerpoints from a few years ago were very detailed and specific. They were well thought out with steps.

I wonder if that’s how the deacon board would control the pastors. So if they find something they don’t like with the pastor’s plan then they would criticize it. If they dislike you, they could find fault with anything.

That’s actually very much like what the HK gov’t does to school. It makes the schools write a plan and then use it for accountability and to criticize a school if they find fault with it.

There was RL who questioned the deacon boards on a lot of issues and just was relentless in perusing the deacon board in answering questions. He asked about the contract system for pastors which most of the congregation didn’t know about. Actually I wouldn’t know the details of the contract system at church if RL didn’t ask.  Right now, we have a 1 year probation and then the pastor would not become a permanent staff until two 2-years contracts. Back then, you become permanent after probation. My father was the last permanent clergy staff of the church in the old system.

RL asked about the deacon candidate who had been reported and what was the result. MS blew up and revealed he was the candidate reported and he threw his frustration on the deacon board, the deacons who did not support him and who reported him. He expose the congregation on how reported on him and insulted those who did not support him. Several problems here I found shocking that MS knew exactly who supported him in the deacon board. He knew who reported him. He shouldn’t know these things for sure. Somebody revealed these information to him. I found it so outrageous.

There is a real issue of the lack of confidentiality in the deacon board. Deacons and pastors involved leaked information out, to people they shouldn’t be revealing these things to. They took an oath to keep this matter with in and some of the obviously leaked these information.

Pastor F called me after the meeting and revealed that she heard Pastor L telling MS in person at the office and on the phone. It could also be others as well.

The week afterward, Pang wasn’t the chairman of deacon board anymore. He wasn’t even suppose to be up for re-election after 6 years of deaconship. I thought he was going to take care of the unfinished business and the whole mess but he ended up being the deacon helping the Sunday school.

Lo Sir, who was the new deacon for last term became the new deacon chairman. He was voted by fellow deacons to be the chairman. That was the most disappointing matter out of the roles of deacons this coming term. Lo Sir, being a fresh deacon and someone who did not go to fellowship, was not very involved in church matters except in Boy’s Brigade until he was elected a deacon last term. He just doesn’t know what’s going on. This happened to Pang as well, actually, it’s quite similar. I am seeing history repeating itself. They are putting someone who is not an insider, doesn’t really know what’s going on, doesn’t know the history and Lo Sir will be used.

Joe as predicted was vice-chairman. Joe will be pulling the strings from behind, just like it was with Pang several years ago.

The brightest spot I see is Kenny being deacon for youth ministry. I am hoping Kenny would stand firm. He is solid on his doctrine and has been a youth mentor ever since the formation of youth ministry. He’s around my age and well suited for youth ministry, however, I am worried that some deacons, especially Joe, would have a bad influence on him.


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