Back in Sydney

I am in Australia taking an Easter vacation in Sydney. It had been good to see old friends and we clicked right away. I can’t believe a friend who I haven’t seen me in the past year can still read me so well. A bunch of us have dinner together and it was good time. I like our fellowship, our candid talk and it was just nice. 

Yesterday, there was the Good Friday service and I was a little surprised at how empty the sanctuary was. It was a little depressing. I was staying with a friend and I didn’t know this but my friend who grew up in the church haven’t been going to church for a year. I was a bit shocked because their whole family have been going to our church for the past four decades or so and my friend’s family are all very devoted Christians. 

There is no growth, people were just older. We have just become very inclusive I guess. 

It is sad. I feel sad. It is especially sad for the sisters who don’t have much to choose for life-long mate. I think this is something the church, the congregation really have to do something about. I am very sure that they know about this problem, many of the leaders struggle with this as well. 

I feel like there should be some kind of events to have people mix with Christians from other churches. The church really have to reach out to guys. It seems to me that other than the US, male leadership in church is really weak in Hong Kong and Australia. 

If a church is not growing, it’s probably dying a very very slow death. 

There is a sadness because this the church I grew up in. This is like my home church. I know this people for decades. 

I am also meeting up with people who left the church later today. There is some bitterness and anger in me when I think about how some people have left and people who I wouldn’t be able to see again. There is anger and a sense of lost and grief. 

My buddy knows about my situation at my Hong Kong church and he told me it’s just another Chinese church. 

But to say it honestly, apparently, the English congregation is not doing too well either. I also feel that the Chinese and English congregations are not that connected. It’s weird. And I think it started several years ago when I was back for my master. 

Church camp was no longer together but separate. I don’t think it is one-sided. I am not really sure why. I feel like there is a little of English congregation wanting to get away from the parent and be more free but at the same time, the Chinese got their own things going. It isn’t like yesteryears when we were like this one big family. 

I still feel like the Chinese and English Congregation should be a team and be able to compromise and learn from one another, working together for God. We will be doing different ministries but it will be in the same team, striving in an overall direction under a united leadership. Often, there are things with the Chinese that the English don’t know about. 

I often think that it is very very possible and not really a big task to unite a church and have people be happy and natural together. I experienced a short time of that in my Hong Kong church. We had it at this Sydney Chinese church. 

Things fall apart when a small number of people started to make bad decisions and behave stupidly and started to do things not from the Bible. Good, godly, united leadership is just so hard to come by. 


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