Deacon Candidate Campaigning

I found recently that several deacon candidates have been doing some campaigning. The campaigning usually involve food either they would have people coming over to their place to eat or they would go somewhere to eat. And food is just a very very attractive thing for Chinese. It’s really what Chinese is about. There is a saying in Chinese, 以食為天. Straight translation would be, “Consider eating as the heaven.” It phrase basically emphasize the importance of eating.

I don’t think there is anything I can do at this church. Jo is a candidate for deacon and I really can’t understand someone who knows he lied again and again to allow himself to be up for deacon. What’s going on there? I just don’t see what I can really do. I can write a letter not recommending him, but what would be the point? Maybe he wouldn’t be deacon for a year but is that going to I also find having Jo’s wife be the executive secretary while he’s going to be a deacon to be a very bad idea. Jo might become vice-chairman and his wife would be the executive secretary of church. Is that a conflict of interest? And the deacon board make decisions on budgets and his wife’s salary. Give me a break man.

I wonder about how to deal with these people. So smart yet so destructive. I wonder if there was any other thing I could do. I always let things sit down for a while before I do something, and at times I feel like I am too slow.

If there’s trouble, I think you should raise it up as soon as possible. Don’t let it sit there. I feel like I sat for too long, hesitated for too long, thinking about whether it would be good for everybody to raise concerns, problems and troubles and wrongdoings. By the time I find out that I am being squeezed, it’s already too late.

And I really wonder at why bad, misdirected, ill-willed people can be so effective whereas the good people really just hide. Bad people are crafty. Good people are not, good people wouldn’t try as hard and usually are less effective, and we go by the rules.

There is a sadness as I watch a church get covered by darkness. It will be even harder for the next church pastor.

The same is actually for Hong Kong as the Beijing central government has quickened its pace to limit our freedom of press, speech while making different maneuvers to check out autonomy.

I am grief stricken. I feel very powerless. And I think that’s the intention really, that’s the knocking punch. It is when you realize defeat, realize that there is nothing you can do.

However, as Paul said, it’s about finishing the race. It’s about doing your very best and leaving the rest to God.

So dear God, please remember your church, please remember your people, remember me.

Nehemiah 13:22. 30-31

22 Then I told the Levites to make themselves free from sin and come and watch the gates to keep the Day of Rest holy. Remember me for this also, O my God. Be good to me because of Your great loving-kindness.

30So I made them free from the sin of other nations. I gave the religious leaders and the Levites their duties, each in his work. 31 And I saw to it that wood would be brought at the right times, and also the first-fruits. O my God, remember me for good.


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