Deacon Candidates/Conflict of Interest

I wonder if there is something against having the wife of a deacon be the church secretary as well. The church secretary knows everything. I find it a bit problematic. Yi was the secretary for the pastor when Jo was vice-chairman of deacon board. I think this might be a conflict of interest. 

She also had a salary that was higher than the other secretary we hired. She said it was God’s calling and thankful for that but after about half a year, she switched to part-time. And then she left and it became and on and off thing. I am never sure if she is the secretary now or not. And I wonder at if this is God’s calling really because she was in my small group and she did mention that her previous job in the government was too busy and that being the secretary at church would give her a better schedule to take care of her only child. 

What I know from Jo is that he is a controlling person. He is a very crafty, smart, cool, poised man. He has a doctorate degree. He is an administrative officer for the government, which is a pretty high standing job, earns quite a lot of money and oversee many decisions in the government. 

I find it to be a conflict of interest.

The other thing I noticed later, after thinking about it is, Jo’s sister in law is also a candidate for deaconship. So we could see three family members who will be in the inner-working of the church. I find that a bit scary. So we might have Joe as a deacon, his wife, Yi as the secretary, and the sister of Yi and sister-in-law of Jo as another deacon. 

I know all of these people and I am a friend of Jo’s daughter-in-law. We are in good term but I can see what could happen. I think we are entering dangerous territory. I really don’t think there should be a rule against full adult family members from being in the deacon board together now, at least not when there’s just two, but I think there needs to be some precaution about this. It’s just scary.    


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