What a Shame

After a great sermon by a young missionary who went to Japan, I had a chat with the young missionary. As we were chatting, Small Wai, one of the deacons who wanted to talk to me, came over and after a few words, told us that fellowship is starting. The missionary quickly excused himself. 

I was leaving as well but since she was there, I told her that time is not the issue why I am not meeting up with her and his husband. I told her it’s genuineness and sincerity that is lacking. She asked me what? I told her what I messaged her many times already which is to tell me what she thinks was hurtful to me. She said she has no idea… I don’t believe that it seemed to me she knew they were responsible for something. She told me she doesn’t understand. I eventually have to tell her that she lied to me that Wednesday night after my small group talked with the deacons about Pastor Fu leaving.  

She told me she never lied. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Isn’t that a lie. I told her you have too much pride and that I can’t have honest and genuine conversation with her if there is no honesty. I also told her that it’s hurtful. 

The fellowship was starting and she said it would be better to go outside. I agree and we did.

She rephrased that she haven’t lied since believing in God. I was stunted. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Oh my gosh. Can you hear yourself? Do you believe yourself? Are you serious? You never told a lie.” 

As we went outside her husband and mother-in-law came along. So here I have this young deacon and his husband who is also the fellowship leader. They are both several years older than I. The husband, who’s the fellowship leader assured that yes, she doesn’t lie. I am just awed. Who are these people? I didn’t know I have a saint here all along. 

He asked me why I think it is impossible that she never lied and why don’t I believe her that she doesn’t lie. And that there is no talk if I think she is lying.   

I am just puking blood. Who are these people? I have two young leaders here. 

It was pretty hurtful for me because I didn’t really wanted to say she lied in the first place. I was letting them to tell me whatever they think they did wrong or not so right or nicely. She kind of forced me to tell her which I didn’t want to. 

I told her she was lying in my face and that is hurtful. 

When I got home, I checked with my sources again and yes, she lied again. 


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