Home Meeting and…

Many things have developed at church, so much that I haven’t been able to record down. This blog, as well as sharing experience at church also helps me to journal and keep track of my journey. There’s just been to many thing that had happened. I probably have to back log a bit. But just the past Sunday, we had a “Home Meeting” which have started a few years back for the deacon board to communicate with the congregation. It usually gather half the crowd of the AGM. 

There were a few things on the agenda like the hiring of head pastor, new arrangement of worship committee, maintenance and upgrade of church building, but what’s surprising to me is the total absence of Pastor Fu’s leave. That happened back in November. It was very briefly stated in church bulletin one week that Pastor Fu will be leaving with little explanation. With Pastor Fu being in my small group and me being closer to him, she told us how she had been unfairly treated and never understood why she had to leave. 

It was a bit strange that it wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the agenda. 

Another point of note was the search for head pastor. They had found 9 suitable candidates but from my memory 3 have went on to work at other churches and 1 has said no. The best hope we had recently was Rev Le from Sydney, Australia. He came to our church all the way from Australia for the month of November and he left telling us that he was considering, and the deacon board confirmed that he was still considering yet the search/PR committee told us five comments he made to them: 1. Why haven’t the church developed in the past 20 years? 2. How come there’s only 2 sibling church plant for this church (in 70 years)? 3. How come there were so little people coming to the revival talk? 4. Why didn’t the church ordain a pastor to be the head pastor. 5. He felt that the church leaders were not “warm” towards him.


These comments can be summarized as he find it strange that the church haven’t developed or expanded much for a long time. The spiritual health of the church doesn’t seem good with people not attending the revival talk. As for comment 4, well, you don’t have much pastors here working for long if they are coming and leaving all the time. And 5. he just feel that the church leaders were not very welcoming towards him.

I like Rev Le, but honestly, I think it would be good for the church to have a pastor like him but I don’t know if it will be the best for him, the best use of his time. We have some deacons here who act like bosses. My father had to fight through so much to even start a new, more contemporary Saturday night service, youth ministry etc. Many ministries and plans were shut down by a few influential deacons (some without passing the deacon meeting). It will be tough for Rev Le. Some people might say I don’t have faith in God to change people, I do think God is in control and if God really call on Rev Le to come, then let it be, all the blessing for it, but I know it is going to be hard. Those are good observation from an experienced pastor from Rev Le.

The last part on the agenda the church building upgrade and maintenance took the longest and had a lot of people talking because it isn’t so sensitive.  

The drama of the “Home Meeting” started in the Q&A session. It started with a sister asking why Pastor Fung as tears ran down her face. I was shocked that she was crying. She was very brave, very very brave to ask this question in front of everyone. The head deacon gave us an official answer which doesn’t really answer much, the deacon in charge of PR spoke. Then Pastor Fu, who came late, spoke against what they said, then another deacon spoke against it and condemned the decision of the deacon board saying he couldn’t see how it is God’s favored view in anyway and decided to leave the deacon board at the end of the month after dealing with the matters at hand in the ministry he is in charge of. 

Another person spoke and then at last I spoke as well. I just felt moved to speak. I didn’t plan on it. 

Yesterday, Tuesday,I was a little surprised that Son messaged me after a day to see how I was and if I could go have a meal with him. The funny thing was, I had been trying to find time to meet with him in the past year or so and it had been really difficult. I really wasn’t sure if he was doing this on his own or was he was asked by someone to sort me out. 

We used to be best bud at church and we have become distanced in the past year or so and I really never got the reason why from him. I can only guess that there are people who spoke things behind my back, which I know from hearing about it, but I never though it would affect him so much. 

I felt a bit weird as the conversation had turned more into what I think of Joe more than anything. Son was trying to get me talk more about how I think of Joe. I was upset at Joe about 3 weeks ago in small group because he told lies that only I know were lies. I didn’t mention name but I made sure he knew that what he said was lie and people shouldn’t lie. On Sunday after the “Home Meeting” Joe said he wanted to speak to me but I had to go to the loo, was holding it the whole meeting. 

From my past experience and just feeling, Son called me last time right after the meeting that night. He waited a day afterward and very urgently to talk to me. He haven’t done that for ages. Most of all, he lied to me on several things. I came to realized that Son feared Joe, really make sure he doesn’t offend Joe. I knew this very early on, but I never understood why it is, what does Joe has on Son? Son is not stupid, he can distinguish thing but I have realized that he’s a pleaser, someone who go with the flow and peers, someone who is lonely and wants to fit in, and someone who’s scare as well. 

The grand view is that somethings are reaching boiling point. I don’t think people are seeing it happening. For me, I don’t feel like I can do much. 

I am just wondering how do you confront liar, very good liar? 


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