Distorted Truth

I finally realized today what is wrong. I knew there is something wrong going on with our teaching at fellowship but I couldn’t pinpoint or realize what it is exactly. The leadership would preach “selected” attributes of God, “selected” theology, “selected” message of the Bible. It is like looking at a pyramid. We keep on looking at it from just one side, saying that it is a triangle. But it isn’t a triangle. 

We have books, pictures, photos of this pyramid but we refuse to look at those, refuse to show them to others, we only allow them to stand at this one spot in order to lie to ourselves that the pyramid is in fact a triangle.

They only talk about a few of God’s attributes instead of all of them, therefore, people in the fellowship only know of a limited dimension, and as a result they would have a strange and erroneous 

Yes, you are saying the truth, but only partial truth. It is like, for example, the only thing Joe tells Nathan about Cara is that Cara is often late to church. And it gives an impression that Cara is often tardy, not trust worthy and unreliable. But it doesn’t give Nathan a good idea of who Cara is, why she’s late those few times and maybe it was just 2 or 3 times in a year, but with Joe only saying about Cara’s tardiness, it sounds like Cara is always late. Nathan miss out on how Cara is a kind, caring, selfless person and she was late those few times because of family need. 

At fellowship, the leadership only talks about how we should obey all authority, be still, patient and wait, 

We have a very unbalanced theology and view of God as a result. It’s a bias view of God. 


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