Hong Kong Bible Conference

From the talks I have been through so far, I think Dr. Ajith Fernando is by far the best one and the one I enjoyed most from. I find his talk to be very rich, 

I thing I notice about great speaker is that they have the quality to explain complex things, complex ideas from the Bible into simple doses that most people can understand. They would use various examples, most of them real life, and they know the texts and their application thoroughly. 

Last year we had Don A. Carson. He talked about Nehemiah and he was fantastic. 

But the problem is, I wonder if the majority of Hong Kong Chinese Christian would appreciate these speakers, especially Ajith Fernando because of the cultural and language barrier. 

For the morning Bible talk this year, we have renown and very popular Chinese OT scholar 李思敬博士 Dr Lee, who’s the newly appointed president of China Graduate School of Theology. Last year’s was Don Carson and this year, at the Shatin broadcast center, there was noticeably more people this year than last year. That’s the popularity of Dr Lee. 

Dr Lee is very popular, even at my church. There is a Dr Lee fan club at my fellowship. And I find that it actually gets a bit too much, like a personality-cult. Dr Lee is a good speaker but I actually don’t know why he is so popular. He’s not that great. Don Carson is fantastic and so is Ajith Fernando but Dr Lee, he’s just good. Dr Lee is so vague, he has humor but he doesn’t explain the text and put it in application context anywhere near the level of Carson or Fernando. 

Come to think of it, I actually know 李思敬博士 Dr Lee’s dad and mother, Rev. Lee 李非吾牧師 and 李陳永鈿師母, and they were lovely people. Dr Lee dad was a very funny speaker. 

Woah, that was a very different age. I think the church leaders, the previous generation of Chinese church leaders were very very humble servants of God and leaders of church. I had the honour to experience the kindness of 滕近輝牧師 Rev. Philip Tang and 鮑會園牧師 Rev. John Pao. They were giants and modern pioneers of Chinese churches but there was not an ounce/drop of arrogance or pride in them. I was so surprised at them. I was a teenager, a young man when I met them and they took an interest in me, paid attention to me, asked about my likes and aspiration. I will treasure those moments forever. 

區伯平牧師 the noon speaker was pretty boring. He is very scholarly and took too much time to explain stuff and not enough on application and the meaning of the text. 


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