Bitter-Sweet Wedding Banquet

The past weekend I went to a friend’s wedding banquet. We got to know one another after going on a mission trip together many years ago, probably during my first or second year at TC Church. She is a great person and I couldn’t be more happy for her. However, she also left TC Church a few years ago, I think about 2-3 years ago.

I still remember the time when I found out. My dad found out and spoke to her, wishing her all the best and said it was okay and understood why. I was there because I was speaking to her beforehand, catching up before my dad butted in. I listened and left for Sunday school.

There at the wedding banquet I was sitting with some familiar faces. There were at least 3 people I knew of who left TC Church. The one next to me, Cle, left about 2-3 years ago and now going to one of the biggest churches. He enjoys it there and could totally see the difference between TC and his church now. He shared with me that he was very sad and depressed when he left TC after 7 years. He told me it was difficult for him to leave. He shared with me the hardship he had serving. I counted how many years since I have started coming to TC and yea, it’s about 6-7 years for me. I could relate to him and what he shared about his frustration at TC at his fellowship was very familiar to me. I experienced some of the same thing. I told him I felt the same and have the same frustration. And I really tried to make a difference.

So there Sam and Cle were talking to Si Wei and Man about it (they left early). I think Si Wei and Man were making some excuses or reasons about why.

Cle later spoke to me and he was very eager in speaking to me. He was telling me how it is very important to get people united together to make changes at church. He was sharing all good things about his new church. I am actually familiar with his new church, I have been there, I have friends who go there and I actually knew the pastors who work there. I also know their founding pastor. He is a great and humble servant of God. I was happy for him, it was great that he went to another church but I was also sad that the things he was talking about was exactly what my dad and I, and several others who have left or felt discouraged had tried to do (for many years). It was bitter sweet seeing these old brothers and sisters again. I was more than happy to see them yet there is a bit of pain inside knowing that they had left, especially those who are no longer going to church.

I thought to myself, will I be going the same path, leaving. I really foresee that and I knew that if the condition doesn’t get better, then I will, for sure. But I am planning of having one last push, and I will give myself one more year.


2 thoughts on “Bitter-Sweet Wedding Banquet

  1. It sounds like you and others are struggling a lot for your church. I celebrate your effort, though I know it must be painful. You and your church will be in my prayers.

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