Saturday Night

After fellowship on the past Saturday, I was leaving and I had Nar and Men in front of me. Men was injured and had surgery several months ago from playing basketball for church. He was walking normally and I asked if he was all well. He told me he’s not and still quite far away from being able to play. 

Then I don’t know what happened but Nar came onto me and told me that she didn’t like how I would propose to have a Bible study workshop at the church AGM and not go to it as well as saying that Enoch needs to have Bible study training. She really came onto me and I was trying to explain but then both of them just kept on interrupting me to the point where I almost got angry and for a split second I was going to yell at them for attacking me. 

They asked me why I am not attending the Bible study workshop and I told them there are only 12 spots and I didn’t want to take the place of others and I proposed it for others, not myself. I told her how I had to help others on my spare time. She then said there was only one person, Sal. I told her there are more than that and she asked if I think she needed training as well. I say maybe. What’s so bad about having a Bible study workshop??? To even begin with. Is it a crime to propose to have a Bible study workshop? It was like a steam of hot anger that was poured over me and for like several minutes I couldn’t even explain for myself or talk. Nar kept on saying she doesn’t have time to listen to me, that she didn’t want to listen to me. I was like what the heck, that’s unfair. 

That was quite a shock for me although I am happy that Nar came right up to me about how she is upset at me but I didn’t like their attitude at all, it was like they lost their senses or something. 

I told them about my feeling about what was going on and requested that they give me 5 minutes to talk at least. And Men came more to his senses and convinced Nar to listen as well. And they did for like 3 minutes but then they said they had to go, they had an appointment with someone. I asked who, and Nar told me it’s not my business and why am I asked her a personal question. They later revealed that it was about insurance, and I could guess it’s Jaiphen and they, knowing that it was so obvious, said Jaiphen as well. I told them if they ever want to talk I am available and I would love to know what’s in their heads and would like to understand them. They said they don’t have time. 

I walked around the back street to see where my other fellowship mates went for a late dinner. I found them and found this empty seat. Vin said bluntly that the seat is taken. SOmehow I said I ran out of cash and Vin said I should go and get money since that’s what the missing person was doing anyway. I found her kind of rude and wondered why. I chatted with her boyfriend and he’s a decent guy, I like him. 


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