Vicious Cycle


Is this ever complicated work with ever more complex relationship and people, I had a belief that my dad’s seminary training of being pure is out of date. His seminary believes in training workers when young before they have work experience. 

I find that to be out of date. The society is too complex now, it would be too difficult for a newbie from seminary without real life work experience to work with people, he would just be cooked. I expressed my view to a veteran pastor. 

She then asked me, “Would you rather have some one who is naive but faithful and stand by God or someone who is slick and go along with crowd?” 

I would take the former. She later explained that people will learn and make adjustment. And yes, I truly believe the first one would do much better because the pastors I dislike and who I would consider to be traitors to be in the second category, they are good people pleaser, get along, sneaky but at times would betray the Words of God. And they are actually dangerous to church.

We see that nowadays in Hong Kong, a good number of young pastors coming out are showmen. They would do a lot of things outside of their full-time church job like holding talks to promote themselves. They would try to get famous and published. 

We also see how Christians nowadays seek knowledge, new knowledge, things they might not even understand and are harder and more harder to work with pastors. We also have this very very busy life that makes it hard to train laymen. 

It’s like a vicious cycle. We have poorly trained laymen which turns into lesser pastors, which in turn give bad teachers and even train laymen poorer than previous generation. Very depressing. 



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