Young People

On a brighter note, a young youth who is graduating from university is going to short-term mission to France in the summer and have asked me if I would sponsor him. I said “yes” and told him I would like to know more. We actually haven’t chatted for a long time since the 75th Anniversary of TC dinner. 

He has been part the Campus Crusade at university and it’s really good for him. He’s a thinker, independent, has insights with good foundation. He told me that if he’s not going to get a job with the government after summer, he might go to Australia for another year of school in Sydney. I told him about the Christian training there. 


Ming Sin was sitting quite close to us and I am a little concerned that he might attempt to influence this kid as well. He has more tools that I and more resources. 

I don’t know but if he does, I might go all out. He has to be removed to a position of no influence. 

If things are to change in TC, it’s really up to the young people, the youth and it’s sad really and it shouldn’t be their burden because it should be older people’s, people who are respected leaders, people like Film Square, Ga So, but instead they are hiding from those responsibility and leaving it for others less influential to make changes. 

It shouldn’t be this way. 




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