Bible Studies Luke 18

I threw this question out there, “Why did Jesus ask the rich man to leave all his possession behind and follow him?”

18:22 When Jesus heard this, he said to him, “You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

 I asked everybody, no response, then I asked Sun and Vin. Silent, or was it clueless. It seemed like that they were clueless but the answer was right there. I then asked Jai.

He said it was because “he was the only person there.” He was basically “chun”ing me. The dumb thing was that Gi got influenced to think so too…

I made the example that John wasn’t asked to drop all this possession and give them to the poor when Jesus asked him to come with Him.

He answered that it was because he already left his boat and stuff behind. He just answered my question. And I had to turn it a round full circle.

Pastor Fung further explained it more.  I had to emphasize that Jesus gave him a choice, follow Jesus Christ or stay with the riches. The rich man chose the riches. Jesus knew that it was his weakness and went right to it.

But at the end, I was like, dude, are you guys serious? It was a pretty obvious question, the answer is right there.

Joe stayed pretty quiet most of the time, actually, it’s hard to recall if he spoke at all. Vi and Sun were quiet too. Sun actually asked the same question which we have asked and I wasa bit surprised thinking, “Where have you been in the past hour?” I told him we talked about it and Pastor Fung helped explaining it.

It was a rather easy passage to study. Jesus was doing most of the teachings very clearly really. Usually I would go read a commentary or two but this time I felt like I didn’t have to and even if I needed to answer some questions together, I could pop out my smartphone and computer.

I was very thankful to Pastor Fung for sharing about herself

I asked this question with relation to the passage on the rich man’s encounter with Jesus. I asked this, “What have you given up to follow Christ?”

And it got misinterpreted as “you need to give up things in life to follow Jesus and have eternal life”… This is a big problem we have, it’s a major concern for Joe, Yin and Jai…they have this common question of “What I need to do to get to heaven?” Like conditions that has to be fulfilled to get the ticket into heaven.

Pastor Fu knew what I was talking about. Jai was still in his box, he is always inside his framework of thinking, this box and seeing everything out from this box. Same is with Joe. That is the Ming Sin effect I believe, somehow he has this ability to shape how people think.

Jai talked a bit and I actually appreciate how this question was making them think. It’s a good reflective question. “What did you give to follow Christ?”In reality, I don’t think most of us had to give up anything to be Christian really. Sun could actually share about his testimony with his wife.

But ended up Pastor Fu sharing about her decision to go to seminary with her family being against it and angry at her for 4 years. Then Gi shared her as well.

Jai was very concerned if being rich prevent you from getting salvation.

Pastor Fung and I explained it a few times and Jai also resummerized it later on. I feel that he was asking that question to make clear and sure that we were not talking about having riches prevent you from going to heaven.

He actually asked that even in previous studies and a point that he expressed again and again. He started explaining that we need to be in a position of “guardian” of things on earth with what we have.

I can see a very quick change of their explanations and views in the past 2 months or so. Joe and Jai’s views are transforming, as if trying to bridge the view of what I am saying with a slight different take which I can’t say is inaccurate. But I feel that it is going to another platform in which they are to justify themselves.

A letter that complains about Ming Sin was made and Ming Sin actually did not keep mum but told people about it and who wrote that letter. And I believe he is and Joe as well, are making a the transition to kind of safeguard themselves. Jai is still on the attack as shown by turning the question back at me to ridicule me. Joe was just watching it happening.

I believe the silence was a tactic, it was a fear tactic. Only the people who doesn’t know about the church politics, Gi and K Po talked. Or the one who are above it, Pastor Fung.

There was also fear in the group. And I think really that Jai, Joe and I should be separated to different groups. But they can’t go because they have to be here to keep control even though you have Pastor Fu here. They somehow have to contain me. They can’t move me to another group because I would probably cause more problem for them just by speaking the truth about the Bible and being honest.

Having Pastor Fu there is great because she balances it out and keep the calm and take the pressure off me. She is kind of like the mediator.

However, I was still disappointed and feel sad about how people are fearful to speak their minds and share honestly and also about the hostility here. It wasn’t like this.

Even 3 years ago when I first came back to HK in 2011, I could make it lifted up with some small games and activities. Not anymore. It’s just dead now. And it really shouldn’t be this way.

If they can just simply stop the freaking controlling crap, it wouldn’t be like this.  THEY HAVE TO STOP. The condition is deteriorating.

Pastor Lo said that it was the lowest turn out for the AGM and midday service ever since he started coming to TC. I felt that too last Sunday.


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