I have began to go to a few churches, an English church and a local Chinese church.

I still go to fellowship and turn up at Sunday school, am I am pretty vocal. With the new pastor coming into our small group, J and J have somewhat became a bit quiet. They are more quiet, controlled or may I say restrained. Whereas, I think I have turned to become more vocal which probably play to their game because JJ are probably at a phrase to prove to the new pastor that they are good.

I know Shirleen have talked to Lotte, J probably talked to HP and others. They do that, they would go and talk with a person one on one. They do that. I don’t do that. I see HP and Lotte changing.

I realized the HP group has decided to just care about themselves. I have explained to HP and Lotte and a few others how things are going wrong. They agree. But they have taken a stand to say nothing. I am particularly disappointed in HP because he wasn’t like this and even he changed. When Lotte was in England, we told care of him. We took him in. I watched movie with him. We chatted, we had good chat.

Lotte being a new believer and freshly baptised cannot detect the slight errors in Bible teaching.

That’s what they will prey on, new, unsure believers. And I can’t stop it.


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