Church Family Meeting

Yesterday of Church’s Family Meeting, often viewed as a pre-meeting to the Church’s AGM. I think it’s like a way for the deacon board to test the temperature and see if their decisions will be supported.

It only started a few years ago. Last year the biggest topic was giving money to our daughter church for their youth ministry and to support the salary of a youth worker. There were some people who were against it and then there were people like me who supported it. We had like (and still do) 8 million in the bank, we are not using it, why not give it to our daughter church who desperately asked for it since they are doing massive community work but have no money.

Anyway, we had the Boy Scout Sunday Service and the sermon was fantastic and preached against the practices we are doing. I wonder if Shir or Chan or others reflected upon it, I wonder if they know what they are doing.

It was one of those rare moment I had Pastor Vi with us. We saw him by himself looking for a place to eat. Probably much like my dad earlier, I wonder why he wasn’t eating with the his friends at church.

I asked about how the new colleagues relationship is doing. I said the sermon is good. I asked about Pastor Chung who will be coming preach the Xmas message and the how he criticized Pastor Chung on his blog. Then I went on to his sermon a few weeks ago which I thought emphasized too much on making relationship as the goal of serving. We discussed or argued for a bit he even accused me of being negative on him, well, I told him I liked him, I thought his sermons were good at the beginning and then it changed. As we parted, he told me to pray for him and I told him to rely on God, preach the Bible, rely on God.

I have been wanting to talk to him about that sermon. But it didn’t came out the way I wanted. I wished to be nicer about it, be in a way that is more suggestive. He got very defensive and probably think I am hostile. But really, he thought negative of me way before I did of him. It was my time in the fellowship committee that I found him to be foul and has a bad heart. He mistreated me and has been continued to do so when nobody is around.

As my friend and I were walking into the hall for the Family Meeting, Shir stopped us and told us to take a photo with Joe. We were dumbfounded. We asked why? We were following Joe direction. Shir said, “Just do what I tell you.” We were like, it’s better if you tell us why.

The meeting as pretty boring. For a time I was almost napping . The biggest points were changing deacons term to 2 years with maximum of 3 terms in a roll with 1 year of rest afterward. It’s good and I agree with it. There will also be half the deacons up for another term after one year. This is good practice but at the same time good system can still get manipulated by bad people.


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