The mystery to stupidity solved

I realize why the fellowship leadership is making us read the Bible as part of devotion instead of giving us devotion booklets like the Daily Bread or Quiet Time.

It would give the leadership, or just the mentor, the power to influence us with his interpretation of the Bible with no challenges.

I found it strange how Joe and Jay would dismiss commentaries of the Bible all together, why Jay would bad mouth pastors’ messages. It’s just arrogance.

The problem is, we are not mature enough (despite our length of time being at church) to interpret the Bible on our own. We often misinterpret it. And it make us easy prey for people who wants to be the sole interpretor of the Bible, and impose his views on us.

It all make sense now, that’s how it is possible for us to be so childish after so many years, still spiritually immature after so many years and have bad doctrines.


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