I think the guys generally tries to include everybody. I know for a time, Peace did, I tried earlier, King also did even earlier but despite our efforts it seems that there are people who eventually would go split into cliques.

I personally find it a bit ridiculous. And it I think it is just a few people, mostly girls who are more into cliques. I find it selfish, and others think so too but the problem is, even though a few of us individually know that it is selfish behaviour, we do enjoy being in our clique. I and maybe a few would be the exceptions.

But a few of us either get used to the norm of cliqueness of our fellowship, or stopped caring because they themselves got into a clique or both. It’s comfortable and I guess you get what you need basically.

However, I feel like it is just getting so bad nowadays. It’s even went beyond my imagination. I never imagined it to be so bad. It is obvious that we are not getting better, that we are not getting healthier, not getting more spiritual, not growing.

I miss the days when we were more free of the trash that we had. The problems are that people are not being lovingly honest with one another. People are being insecure and protective of themselves. There is little trust and knowledge of one another.


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