Led Bible study last night in small group and it went well, the atmosphere was alright but at the beginning it was a bit quiet, it took a while and joking on my part to break the ice. The atmosphere gradually got better with everybody speaking up except for Vin. Shir spoke up, I asked Gi a question, Joe spoke up, Pastor Fu helped out at the end of each section of Scripture to share and conclude with application. Sal talked a bit, replying my questions. Ka spoke up. Cher was active. Kong opened up near the end. Vin seems to be so closed up.

I am glad Pastor Fu was there. She’s a big help.

We studied Luke 8:22-56 and it was really rich and deep. Lots of things in there that were worthy of investigation but we didn’t have much time.

I was trying to do the Swedish Method with them for the second time but last time it was over a month ago. Again I made photocopies and brought some pens, markers for them to write on the photocopies. Ka actually did the homework, had a copy of her own marked already! I was like whoa. Cher was the only one who marked it as told. I am not sure about Sal who really benefited from this way of Bible studying last time and made a lot of good observations. Vin marked a bit later on.

And I was weird how they still held on to the Bible. The idea was to read from the photocopies and how they could compare the texts and translations. To mark on the text. I don’t remember if I took out Bibles last time though, I probably didn’t. I wonder if Ming Sin has talked about the “holy” text and we shouldn’t write on any of it. But then doesn’t he like highlight his Bible with all sorts of underlines.

They were less into it this time. The bad thing was I actually took some Bible out.

I could’ve asked the questions better to lead them on. I did it the first section from v22 to v25, but it was hard to get them on. I had to make a few wild jokes to loosen people up.


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