I wasn’t too able to sing hymns after the sermon, especially our diamond anniversary song because many church leaders were doing the opposite or just not doing what we, as Christians should be doing.

And as I was there looking at the lyrics, it just felt very phony and it reminded me of many years ago when I left another church and was bitter.

At basketball practice on Saturday, it was Jay again putting down everything I proposed. No pick ‘n roll, no strategy. Everything has to be “his way.” He’s even boycotting our basketball facebook page which I find rather ridiculous. So, it’s just his way or the highway. I don’t get how nobody see how stupid it is, how bad that is.

In the end, what strategy we take probably isn’t a bit thing, but the problem with having him squashing other ideas is. We are just not going to improve. I think we will be staying the same or whatever if we stay this way and I understand now that beneath the surface, Jay is doing his best to undermine me. Everything I propose will be squashed. There can be no opposition. The sad thing is the youth, the young people are listening everything without thinking too much.

But most don’t know we go at it in Bible study as well. He just freaking hates me but he does a really good job in hiding it.

At night for fellowship we have the 15th anniversary and there were a lot of verses about love, the ones which I believe firmly in. In the slideshow, other than the long videos of Joe, Heman and Jay speaking…(not an accident), there were the photos I sent to Lai. Where they symbolic? There were some good photos in there and the best one, I think was a shot of us when we were not ready after Heman’s wedding.


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