Inter-Church Basketball League Open Day

It was fantastic and I was very impressed with the people who came out to serve. It was stupid, totally stupid that many of them didn’t make it a point to come. I had Ben coming along with a young high school kid. And they were great. This is what it is all about. It is about bring people together, teaching them how to play basketball.

It was a shame that nobody came. Originally, two members of the team were coming. I was asking people to come.

Ben said a lot things that were on my mind. I think you do get brainwashed by people, as long as enough people or what it seems to be the majority of people are saying the same thing, it actually convince some people to change their mind and believe in something unreal and stupid.

We suck because we are not united. We are stupid because we are have too much pride, we don’t allow others to lead.






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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