Bible Study Sept 29th 2012

Yi was leading Bible study today and Yi is considered to be “mother” of the fellowship being one of the founders of the fellowship. She started coming to church since high school and now she has a 2 years old son with Joe.

She was leading Bible study today and I was shocked at the incorrect assumption she was making. She thought Herod was a Roman king…I had to correct her. She said the Romans were very cruel to the Jews…not always, that the Romans were forcing their Roman gods onto the Jews…untrue.

I was like, “Where have you been all these years?” These are very very basic biblical knowledge. There were more but I was just shocked and she is a senior member of our fellowship, wife of a deacon, wife of our so called leader in our fellowship. I just have to question whether she has been reading her Bible, whether she reads biblical books or Christian books, whether she actually remember sermons. These you should get from sermons in the past 15 years or so.

No wonder our quality is so bad, even the “leaders” and “seniors” biblical knowledge are limited and not up to par.


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