I wonder if I should be doing a research on how bad theology, personality disorder and bad leadership can affect a church because I am just seeing changes right before my eyes.

To tell the truth, I can’t do much about it. I can’t even help my friends, the ones I consider the closest. I guess there is two side and I am on one side and I have told my closest friends my stand and they understand but they don’t want to offend the other side or do anything that would put them in a difficult situation, so what happen is, you have a group of people in the center between the two group.

These are probably what you call the “silent” majority? They are not the majority but a sizeable amount of people that would rather be silent and not take a stand out of various reasons.

I am not sure if they know it or not, but they are part of the problem of why the church is defunct. It is because they tolerate bad behaviour, bad theology and etc. They know it’s bad, they understand, but they don’t want to be in the mess. If they, together say, “Hey, that is not right.” Then it would be better, but instead one side is just being unaccounted for. That’s when troubles happen, when you have people who are not  being accounted for.

I told my friends already, I told deacons already but none of them are going to confront. My friends tell me to just accept it, and I am like, what the heck. You know it is bad, it’s wrong, it’s against the Bible, but why aren’t we doing anything about it? The deacons don’t want to deal with it either, they know it’s wrong or at least something is off. The head deacons know, and he asks me if I told anybody. The other deacon told me to talk to others in the fellowship about it. However, wait a second, isn’t it their responsibility to deal with these kind of problems?

I did my job already. I did my part. I talked to people, I told deacons my concerns. I think a lot of people know but everybody is just keeping quiet, don’t want to confront, face and resolve the problem. And from the way I see it, it is just going to get bigger, you can’t cover it up, it will just get worst and bigger. Bad theology, bad practices, bad Biblical teaching will go on and affect even more people, and it will harder and harder to change as time goes on.

I can already see it.

And it doesn’t help that they just fired their head pastor who knew the problem.

S0 I am just looking at this scenery. And I can make prediction. The fellowship is going to split further more. Now we probably have 3 groups on Saturday. 2 of the closer.

Deacon with personality problem is going to use this authority and position to manipulate people away from the Saturday service to the Sunday service, he also use this position to promote people who agree with him or is not a threat. It’s politics, it’s ugly politics. He is the deacon in the worship committee and so he will also be manipulating how the worship going to be like. He had issue with the previous head pastor and pastor in charge of worship, now he has someone who is more timid and might bend for peace. Yea.

I have been asked by a deacon to teach kids Sunday School but to tell the truth, I am not gifted with little kids. I can do it, but I probably wouldn’t enjoy it. It would be like a chore and a job. And I teach already from Monday to Friday. I rather teach Sunday school to teenager and adults, but I am probably not there yet and Chinese is a challenge to me. I had been approached by the Sunday school principal on teaching an English Sunday school class. Humm. What? He was overenthusiastic a year ago about that. Now he is rather discouraged. I don’t know why.

I should probably do church research at this church. Know what the problem is.


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